Friday, June 17, 2011

Oldies but Goodies?

I our recent move I found this little notebook and found it full of cards that I had created over 15 years ago, and I had to share them with you.  Don't know what I was thinking but maybe there was some hidden talent there.  This was before copics, before nestabilies, before anything exciting that they now have.  Mulberry paper and embossing were very big at the time, oh yay, crackling with thick embossing powders.  So enjoy, have a laugh or two, smile and hopefully enjoy in some strange way.


  1. These are not bad at all! I have some way worse... will do some searching and find the pictures! LOL! Have a wonderful weekend! Happy Creating! Sara

  2. WOW! Pat these sure bring back memories. I remember doing all these things. I was looking at some of my mulberry paper the other day any wondering why we never use that any more some of the girls today have not even heard have mulberry paper and how it works. I have a case full of cards I have done 15-20 years ago, I saved then because they where my favorite ones. The ones you are showing are done very nice. Your shading is very nice, what did you use? Color pencils?
    Hugs, Patricia

  3. Wow, Pat! These are great. You should be very proud of these. My two favorites are the mushrooms and the crackle one.

  4. ) O Aletha, how funny for me...the mushrooms are backdropped by wood I found in our backyard at the time. We lived in WA state and I found this wood just peeling off a tree and thought hmmm, wouldn't that make for an interesting medium. Patricia, Mulberry used to be so neat, I wonder why we don't use it anymore. It still is so pretty, maybe we should start something new!!! I honestly can't remember if I used pens or pencils. I think it was SU pens, but I am not gonna bet the ranch on it.