Monday, December 5, 2011

It's Snowing :0)

I know for all you Easterners this isn't much, but for Albuquerque, this is a pretty big snow amount. Schools are all closed so the kids are happy!!! The temp is staying in the teens so it is pretty darn cold right now. We are supposed to continue with the snow thru today and it will taper off tomorrow. Across town they are getting really bad winds so the chill factor is horrible. It would have been nice to have this hit us in a few more weeks for Christmas, but will take it :0)

This is looking west from the front of our home

Our front yard

 Our beautiful home that God gave to us and it's first winter with us being there

Everyone have a great day and enjoy the life that God gave to you


  1. wow, the "scenery" looks fabulous with all that snow, a pity it's chilly too
    snow is great as lons as it's not falling on the pavement and motorway LOL

  2. I Love, LOVE the snow Pat!!! And it looks so beautiful at your home!!!! Hugs!!! Have a wonderful week!!!