Saturday, April 14, 2012

Craft Room Cleaning

I just saw this really fun idea over at Sparkle Tart. Why not join in the fun, inspiration and encouragement as some of us look for ways to clean up, store up, change up, and find that missing room that is somewhere in our crafting areas.  Here is what my tiny little area looks like and believe me I need more storage ideas.

I can see now that compared to others that have tons of stuff, this area does look a little bare. About a year ago we moved into this wonderful home and I had to sell practically ALL my stamping stuff, this is what's left and it is now starting to grow. So before things get out of hand I need to get things ready. There are so many things that I want to purchase but need to wait until I either have the money or have the room. So far the two have not gotten together very well.

This are is in our Master Bedroom behind the door. The wall with the table is about 6' and the wall with the ribbon is about the same 6'. I had all those little storage cubicle on the wall where the ribbon is but I was starting to feel claustrophobic and no elbow room at all. But now I miss having my stuff within reach. My table, (which is 4' x 2') has a computer monitor, plastic storage for my copics, 2 lamps for light, a roundy round that holds my sizzors, pencils, rulers and other misc small stuff.  I put 2 pieces of sheet metal on the wall, then attached some magnets to them to hold buttons, and brads. I also strung a piece of ribbon and purchased some cute clips to hang some of my cards for decoration.  My ribbon is stored on a small piece of rope and is just hanging from a very strong wall hangar thingie.  I am open to some ideas on how to extend my area, store things better and have things handier to reach, oh yes and look pretty as well :0) so give me some ideas ladies, I would love to hear from you. 


  1. Hi Pat, i do think that by having such a small space you are on a win as the bigger the space the worse it gets, lol. having said that i think if you mount the cubbies on the wall above your desk you will be able to have a rod going across and then have the ribbon on a rod, that way everything will be right on hand. the other thing is dont forget that you have space under your desk. Good luck and i look forward to seeing it GROW!!!!!!

  2. hi Pat,
    I don't have a fancy craftroom either, everything is pilled up in my livingroom and I work at the dining table, so at the end of the day I have to clean up everything. But it works
    allthough I'm starting to grow out of my space.
    your crafting space looks comfy and cosy
    have a nice weekend