Friday, April 20, 2012

The Journey Starts

Well ladies, after following Sparkle Tarts journey in cleaning up her crafting area, I've have gotten some really good ideas! Thanks Paola for your suggestion with the cubbies and that would work, mounting them on the wall, except it would be my luck that they would fall, taking half the wall with them as they are very heavy ;0( So, along the lines of Kate Palmer, I think my first investment is going to be a new, old desk. Right now the little guy I am using now is barely big enough to hold anything, much less deep enough to stack things on. I am going to be keeping my eyes and wallet open for a deep desk, with some drawers that I can use as a base to put those cubbies on and some other fun things that I have seen on the web. Went on Google Images and found these for reference....

I love older things so my goal is to find something that might need just a little work but has lots of character for me to bring home and love on and make it a true craft desk. So my journey starts and I hope yours does as well. Take care everyone and thanks for stopping by.

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  1. LOVE this idea Pat - I hope you love your desk as much as I'm loving mine :O)